How we work.

Coffee is an agricultural product so it may change from harvest to harvest affecting in the organoleptic profile of the cup.
For this reason at the beginning of our work we are always tasting the best green coffee samples in order to consider their use before they arrive to the Primo Aroma factory. 
Then we roast the selected origins separately because every coffee brings different characteristics to the cup, and often requires a special roasting profile. We use the air-cooling to express their best qualities, permitting a better conservation of the aroma and having the advantage of a lower oxidation in the step of grinding compared to the water system.
Finally our coffee is packed mainly in triple coupled bags with the valve in order to avoid the swelling of the package, allowing the CO2 to escape without the infiltration of the outside air.
Later we provide to additional check such as electronic selection of beans and further verification cup tasting to ascertain the consistency of the blend and the product.