Romantica blend 250g in beans

Romantica vlend 250g in beans

Made out of the finest Arabica qualities, natural and washed and of the best washed Robustas coffees from Asia, represents the perfect and balanced mixture of sweetness and fullness. The best African washed Arabicas make the blend very scented with a persistent chocolaty aftertaste.
The choice of the raw materials, united to its medium-to-intense roasting level, exalts the sweetness and the refinement. 

The color of the cream is light brown, with light stripes together with mahogany shadings.
The persistence is good, the consistency is particularly abundant.
The aroma is rich and refined , with a scent of chocolate and blossom which melts with the typical odor of freshly baked bread.
The flavors are balanced, the body is full; the aftertaste is appeasing with full and velvety sensations that sometimes remind chocolate.

Qualities Nr. 5
Arabica's % % 60
Robusta's % % 40
Humidity % 1,60
Caffeine % 1,65